“Guests loved every minute, chatting about it all night. If you want memorable memories to stun you, then 100% Matty Evans is your go-to. He’s amazing.”


I can do everything you need on your wedding day to help things run smoothly and take away the stress.

Before your big day, I’ll enjoy talking to you as often as you need to discuss all your plans, as well as liaising with your wedding planner if you have one. I’ll entertain your guests from the reception right up to the first dance, making sure your evening guests feel fully looked after too.

I’ll welcome all your guests and get the buzz going from the start, getting everyone chatting and laughing instead of just waiting around. I’ll guide everyone to where they need to be, entertain at any slow points (like the photos) and make all the key announcements. That includes when you enter the room at the all-important wedding breakfast, with a mini show to warm up the crowd before your speeches.

You can also choose half-day hosting, from the start of the day until after the speeches. All sound too good to be true? It really isn’t! Call me anytime to tell me about your wedding.

“He will be the highlight of any event you book him for and will blow your guests minds with his amazing magic. Your guests will be talking about him for months after the event.”

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If you’re looking forward to one of the best days of your life …

Let me help you make that happen

Weddings are by far my favourite event. All the love in the room and everyone having a ball – and I love helping to bring that to life.

This is the day you should be loving every second, not stressing about all the details or if everyone’s having a good time.

And if all your closest friends and family are happy, you’ll be at least ten times happier.

“Matty you were incredible! I’ve never seen so many shocked faces or heard such roars of laughter!! Thank you SO MUCH.”

I know everyone has a budget and different priorities … and I love being completely flexible. From two hours at your chosen part of the day through to all-day hosting. From greeting your guests on arrival through to close-up magic for the evening guests.

No wedding is perfect without a surprise or two. I have some tricks that no other magician performs, which always get the biggest reactions. I save those for the best parts of the wedding day, especially for the happy couple.


If you don’t need me to be your host on your big day, I’ll of course still be delighted to come and entertain you and your guests, making sure everyone has the best time possible.


From performing at your drinks reception, to entertaining throughout your whole day, you can choose exactly when you want me to be there.


Call me or message anytime on 07796 680119 to tell me about your plans.


Drinks reception

This time of the wedding when the photos are being taken is one of the most important parts of your wedding day, having pictures as a reminder of your wonderful day.

There can be periods of this time that your guests can be left waiting around so this is a nice time to give your guests a bit entertainment while they wait. Matty will walk around entertaining everyone to help pass this time by and it will also help you relax to know your guests are being entertained while your having your photos taken.

Drink Reception

This seems to be one of the most popular times to entertain your guests. Whilst the meals are being served Matty will perform his table magic in-between your food courses or buffet, performing at every table for you without interruption the proceedings.

As you are looking out from the top table you will enjoy seeing the amazement, laughter and applause’s from your guests as Matty performs.


Not everyone wants to get up and dance as some just like to relax and enjoy the evening entertainment so Matty’s mix “n” mingle style of magic is perfect for any evening function. He will walk amongst your guests entertaining them if they are seated at a table or just standing around at the bar area. Matty will often use more “visual magic” as there are times when the music is loud and it is hard for your guests to hear but Matty can adapt his act to accommodate these situations with ease.



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I often get asked this, and I hear that a lot of magicians explain that they’re not children’s entertainers. I’m not either, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love doing magic especially for the younger guests.


Hey, they can be the best audience! And the ripple effect – seeing adults laughing out loud at their children’s reactions – gives some of the best moments.


I’m grateful for any time entertaining kids, and I love it if they want to film what I’m doing.


If you’re inviting young people to your wedding, rest assured they won’t be overlooked.